These are things that I am working on at present.  I may or may not have a draft to share.  My major project at the moment is a co-authored book about amateur creativity.  (Titles may change prior to publication.)

Amateur Hour (forthcoming) (with Dan Hunter)

A book about the intersection of user-generated content, copyright law, and cultural policy.  (Some related slides here.)  We are still at the early stages of this project.

7 Ways of Looking at a Bitcoin (forthcoming) (with Dan Hunter)

An essay about virtual currency.

Science, Technology, and Intellectual Property (forthcoming in Handbook of Science and Technology Convergence, Springer)

A chapter about the implications of intellectual property rights for the future of international social progress in science and technology.

Nominative Fair Use Makes No Sense

An essay about “fair use” in trademark law.  Current draft available here.

Utopian Games (forthcoming in Critical Studies in Media Communication, Taylor & Francis)

An essay about the future of interactive media.

The Creative Wargamer (forthcoming in Zones of Control, MIT Press)

An essay about the player-created content in Civilization V.